About the CBDALN database

The resources collected in this database cover a wide range of questions about the datafication of our lives and big data’s societal implications. The database addresses individuals who are interested in learning more about and critically reflecting on these questions, and who are looking for relevant teaching material.

The database includes online courses, interactive websites, tv reports, radio features, podcasts, videos, interviews, lectures, teaching ideas and worksheets, games, learning apps, tips for collaborative projects, school competitions, theatre productions, software-tools for privacy-awareness, brochures, guides, and many more.

The resources in the database:

  • Raise awareness about the collection, analysis and use of our data in the context of ‘big data’ and ‘machine learning’ (‘artificial intelligence’). They further emphasise the long-term social implications of such data systems and of this ‘datafication’ on our societies and on individual citizens.
  • Critically examine the technological basis of data systems and highlight influences on human interactions and social systems.
  • Foster critical thinking, support the ability to form one’s own opinion and critically reflect the collection and analysis of personal data. This also includes the question if the use of big data analytics serves the common good or rather benefits the few, as well as to what extent this opens up or rather denies life chances.
  • Are available (at least) in English or German.

Not included are resources:

  • That lack a critical perspective on big data and datafication.
  • That “only” foster IT basics or practical digital and data skills.
  • That convey special and expert knowledge, for example in the context of professional qualifications.
  • That use big data as a tool for improving or governing learning processes (“learning analytics”, “educational data mining”).

The database is updated continuously.