Quiz Big Data - Digitale Lernwerkstatt

Quiz: Was ist Big Data?

Digitale Lernwerkstatt (2019): Quiz: Was ist Big Data? Kronberg im Taunus. With the help of a worksheet, previously acquired knowledge on the subject of big data is consolidated. “Mithilfe eines Arbeitsblattes wird bereits erlerntes Wissen zum Thema Big Data gefestigt.”

Schule macht Daten

Schule macht Daten

Junge Tüftler; Fraunhofer IAIS (2021): Schule macht Daten, Berlin/Sankt Augustin. This online course addresses teachers who want to teach about the topic of AI & Machine Learning in secondary schools I and II. They will receive in-depth information, a variety of methods and practical suggestions for dealing with the topic Read more…

Aktueller Begriff. Big Data

Aktueller Begriff: Big Data

Horvath, Sabine (2013): Aktueller Begriff: Big Data. In: Wissenschaftliche Dienste des Deutschen Bundestages, Fachbereich WD 10, Kultur, Medien und Sport, Nr. 37/13 vom 6. November. The article gives an overview of definitions, fields of application and criticism of the new technologies summarized under the generic term “Big Data”. Der Beitrag Read more…