Breaking the black box

Breaking the Black Box

ProPublica (2016): Breaking The Black Box, New York. In the age of increasing automation, in which machines are making more and more decisions for us, the information service “Breaking the Black Box” aims to shed more light on the thicket of automated decision-making systems. In a small series of articles, Read more…

KI-Campus: Einführung in die KI

Einführung in die KI

UnternehmerTUM (2020): Einführung in die KI, München. The online course “Introduction to AI” of UnternehmerTUM GmbH is aimed at a broad target group without prior knowledge. The aim is to convey the essential technical aspects and functionalities of AI in order to arrive at a general understanding of AI. Der Read more…

AI - A People's Guide

A People’s Guide to AI

Mimi Onuoha & Mother Cyborg (Diana Nucera) (2018): A People’s Guide to AI An accessible introduction for newcomers to the ideas behind artificial intelligence. An 80 page booklet, with hands on exercises. Eine leicht verständliche Einführung für Einsteiger in die Ideen der künstlichen Intelligenz. Ein 80-seitiges Heft mit praktischen Übungen.