“Teaching about Data” – New resource for educators

Published by Ina Sander on

Together with the NGO “Privacy International”, CBDALN member Ina Sander has published a new learning resource for educators. The website “Teaching about Data” aims to mobilise the findings from her doctoral research on critical datafication literacy as well as the NGO’s practical experience in raising awareness and educating about data and privacy. The resource addresses educators from all fields of education who are interested in critically educating about digital technologies and data.

In five chapters, the website explains why educators should address topics around data in their teaching; which good practices for fostering critical data literacy have been identified; what makes a ‘good’ educational resource about data; where educators can find useful resources; and which recommendations for future resources emerged from the research. Every chapter is complemented with a short video summary and key arguments are in the texts are highlighted.

Moreover, chapter four features our network’s database and provides useful advice on how the search filters can be applied to find the perfect resource for each occasion!

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