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Conference - Building Data Literacy with the Teaching Profession at Global Scale

During the one-day, international online conference “Building Data Literacy with the Teaching Profession at Global Scale“, the “Critical Big Data and Algorithmic Literacy Network (CBDALN)” will present its work to an expert audience from education and social sciences, digital education, learning sciences, and teacher education.

The workshop brings together staff from teacher organizations, researchers, and data literacy initiatives to discuss needs, challenges, and strategies for building data literacy in the teaching profession. The aim of the event is to share knowledge and experience, and to identify opportunities for further work and international collaboration. The event, which has more than 20 presentations registered, will open with mini-keynotes from Professor Bob Lingard (Australian Catholic University), Ben Williamson (Edinburgh University), and Anna Hogan (The University of Queensland), as well as Sam Sellar (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Sigrid Hartong (Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg).

Also several members of the CBDAL network will present their individual projects at the workshop: Heidrun Allert and Christoph Richter present their “Online Laboratory Kiel”; and Elinor Carmi will present the “Me and My Big Data” project.

The event will be held on Wednesday, March 18, 2021, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. All sessions will be held via Microsoft Teams. Slack will be used to share information about the presentations and for communication among participants. The conference is organized by Sigrid Hartong (Chair of Sociology, especially Transformation and Governance in Education and Society, Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg) together with Sam Sellar (Education and Social Research Institute at Manchester Metropolitan University).

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