Database for Critical Data Literacy Tools launched

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CBDALN Database for critical data literacy tools

The Critical Big Data and Algorithmic Literacy Network (CBDALN) launches its first key project: An online database for ‘critical data literacy tools’. The database collects a variety of different resources that can be used to educate about big data and foster critical reflection of the datafication of our societies.

The database can be searched for keywords and filtered by different formats (e.g. website, video, game, theatre play), audiences (target group age and prior knowledge), languages and licences. Currently featuring around 80 critical data literacy tools, the database is intended as a constantly growing collection of resources.

The CBDALN database and all resources it includes are freely available online and can be shared among educators, researchers and any interested parties. We hope that this growing collection of resources will empower educators and academics to foster critical data literacies in various educational contexts.

If you would like to recommend a resource for the database, please contact Harald Gapski and Ina Sander:


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