AI - A People's Guide

A People’s Guide to AI

Mimi Onuoha & Mother Cyborg (Diana Nucera) (2018): A People’s Guide to AI An accessible introduction for newcomers to the ideas behind artificial intelligence. An 80 page booklet, with hands on exercises. Eine leicht verständliche Einführung für Einsteiger in die Ideen der künstlichen Intelligenz. Ein 80-seitiges Heft mit praktischen Übungen.

Special Issue - Data Literacy

Special Issue on Data Literacy

The Internet Policy Review has published a new special issue on “Digital inclusion and data literacy” (Volume 9, Issue 2). The issue by guest editors Elinor Carmi and Simeon J. Yates, both from the Department of Communication and Media, University of Liverpool, UK, examines different layers of digital inclusion and Read more…